Pyramid: Quest for Immortality - Slot Review

  • Jan 19, 2021

Let's go back to some history. Ancient Egyptians had a belief that if a pharaoh died, was supposed to be buried with all his earthly possessions. This is perhaps the reason why explorers are always trying to plunder graves in search of riches. Click to learn more.

Get the Priceless Treasures

It's now your turn to try and get the priceless treasures in the Quest for Immortality slot. Here, you could win some good prizes including jewelled scarab beetles, golden snakes and even a pharaoh’s mistress. Click for some more insights into the slot.

Here, you also enjoy countless loads of bets, con value combos as well as levels. This means that all would-be explorers are therefore able to get a perfect spin-stake. It could start from as low as 0.1 coins a spin. Lets now get started!

Pyramid Quest for Immortality Symbols

The symbols that you will find on the reels once you get the game into action are A, K, Q, J, and 10 playing cards, which are the lowest paying symbols. Pharaoh is the highest paying symbol and is closely followed by Cleopatra's symbol.

The other symbols are scarab beetles, snakes, and eagles. There is also a wild symbol in the form of a Golden Ankh. The symbol substitutes for all other symbols, increasing your chances of having a winning combination. The last figure in this slot is the Avalanche Multipliers.

Special Bonus Features

While this slot is fun to play and takes you on a thrilling gaming adventure, it does not come with several bonus features. The only bonus round that you should be on the lookout for is the Avalanche Multipliers feature. The feature is activated after a bet win.

During the feature, the reels with winning combinations don't spin. They are instead removed, creating room for new ones to fall into place to form a new winning combo. If you get three consecutive the Avalanche Multiplier increases by x1 and can go up to x10.

Ankh Wild Symbol

This symbol lands on the2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels. Any symbol that appears above these three reels and happens to be a part of the winning combination will automatically turn into the Ankh Wild symbol for the subsequent Avalanche. With this, you can get bet way wins with much ease.

If you're a fan of anything that has to do with ancient Egypt, you can't afford to miss the adventurous journey that Quest for Immortality will take you. The slot may have limited bonus rounds, but it is still worth a try considering the overall prize.

Let The Quest Kick-Off

Ancient Egyptians had a belief that the deceased Pharaohs would one day be reborn, after which they would become immortal. This is why they buried observed the culture of burying their treasures along with them. It is this custom that has made explorers plunder Pharaohs' tombs for ages.

It is time to go in search of these possessions in one of NetEnt's video slot; Pyramid quest for Immortality. It's a great slot and as you enjoy it, you'll win prizes for finding the various treasures. Head over to your favourite casino to try your luck!


Pyramid: Quest for Immortality | Slot Review