How to Win at Netent Slots

  • Jan 19, 2021

Before you can start your journey in online betting, it's crucial that you learn as much as you can. For instance, if you haven't played Netent online slots before, it's better to find information and practice for free before placing any bets. Fortunately, you can learn a lot and practice for free from online resources ( ) and casinos.

Understand How the Software Classifies You as A Player

The software used on Netent distinguishes players based on their game styles and behaviour. It's crucial to note that when playing online ( ), players that deposit large amounts and play small bets have a higher chance of winning. For instance, if you deposit CAD5,000 and bet at CAD10, you are more likely to win big.

To make this classification, the software reacts to players' winnings and losses. Thes system tracks how many deposits you make and payouts you have received and their frequency. It will assign you a class depending on the rate of deposits and payouts, and their value. Then, it facilitates or controls the level of wins.

Watch the Balance in Your account

Another secret that Netent players need to note is that the total number of bets in your account can influence your chances of winning. An account with a balance lower than 100 bets won't win big. But a balance of at least between 100 and 200 bets in your betting account has a better chance of big wins.

What happens is that the system monitors how many bets you make and your balance. This is because there are players who are always looking out for bonuses to play when the amount at stake is attractive. But when 70% of the wagering amount is won, the slots take more money and can only play small wins.

Take Advantage of Demo

Demo accounts not only give you an opportunity to practice before placing any real bets but can also win you good real money. This is why you should strive to choose your slots wisely and increase your chances of winning. It is possible to choose a profitable slot if you know how to. When choosing, note that:

  • Netent demo slots behave similarly to paid slots
  • Avoid new games as they give less than the money they take

Always consider the RTP, slot volatility and the chances of activating the bonus feature as well as the wagering rating and how the prize pool is distributed for both regular spins and the bonus feature. Many online casinos provide this data on the overview page where you can view details of a slot that aren't mentioned by the vendor.


Wagering and Bonuses

Beware of the bonus policy of the casino you are playing with. Some casinos will allow you to take home the amount you expect as per your calculations. However, others don't. Of importance is to find out the wagering requirements that give you an advantage. For instance, there are bonuses that you can unlock with a low wager.

A good idea is to go for slots with bonus wagering of not more than 40x and RTP that's higher than 97.5%. However, some Netent slots can also cause you to make a lot of spins without any winning combination. Be careful when placing bets as such slots are characterised by a long cycle and high volatility.

Summary on How to Win at Netent Online Slots

Winning at Netent online casinos involves mastering how the software works. This involves understanding its features and loopholes. You also need to know the hidden information and how you can turn it to your advantage. All this information will not only guide you in choosing slots but can also give you an edge over other players.

You don't want to put your money in online slots without chances of winning. You can practise in a demo account where you also have a chance of winning. Use the information above and make sure every bet you place has a higher potential of winning you real money from the comfort of your home.

Quick Tips for Winning on Netent